The Flavor is rich and deep in this 84 proof spirit.  We use only Real Flathead Cherries and a touch of Madagascar Vanilla bean.  Our friends from The Orchard at Flathead Lake provide us these organic cherries that we then turn into your next favorite vodka. See the Menu page for some great drink ideas.  This product has NO added sugar, NO extracts, and NO artificial colors or ingredients. 

Latest News:  Our Woody St. Premium was awarded a GOLD medal at the 2016 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition.  Entries were from 29 countries for various products (e.g. whiskey, gin etc.).  Woody St. scored 90pt and was the only American micro-distillery to be awarded a gold in that category.  See Below!!  Our Cucumber and Raspberry Flavored Vodka were awarded SILVER medals, and our Ginger and Bacon were awarded BRONZE medals.  We couldn't be more proud and thrilled!!

We use ONLY our Special Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters Blend to make this 70 Proof Java delight. The beans are "Cold Pressed"  to our specifications which remove the bitterness and acidity; and, then the coffee is infused with our base spirit for the most real coffee experience you have probably ever had.  We do NOT add sugar. We do NOT use extracts OR artificial flavors/colors. 

See our Menu Page for some great drink ideas.

Our Award Winning 90 proof Ginger Vodka.  It is unfiltered for flavor and smoothness, so be sure to give it  shake to mix in all of the goodness.  Because we use only Fresh Ginger, the aroma will entice you while the fresh taste and spice will spoil your taste buds. The finish is warm with the fresh ginger taste that consumes your sinuses as you swallow. We do NOT add sugar.  We do NOT use extracts or artificial flavors/colors  

Fallen Dove Gin

NEW:  A Gin that defies all others:  

Nothing says Montana like Huckleberries. They only grow in the wild at high altitudes and are considered quite the commodity.  Our 74 proof coveted spirit is great straight or mixed.  We use only Real huckleberries, a touch of Montana raw honey and a splash of lemon.  See our Menu page for some great ideas.  No added sugar, No extracts, and NOTHING artificial.  (Seasonal)

Probably our most diverse vodka. 74 proof.  We use only Fresh Whole Cucumbers prepared and infused for maximum enjoyment.  The aroma and flavor is Fresh and the flavor true. Mixes with (but not limited too) Water, tonic, collins, juices, bloody mary's etc.  see our Menu page for more great ideas. We do not add sugar, use extracts or artificial ingredients/colors.

Our Montana Distillery Vodkas are made from Montana Sugar Beets.  Our still is reminiscent of a small moonshine operation, and we are one of the smallest of the Montana Distilleries. Our still is the equivalent to 200-400 times distilled versus our old version our still which was equivalent to 80 times distilled. This results a vodka that rivals any premium vodka out there. This base is the foundation for our Gold Medal Winning Woody St. Premium Vodka, and the other Award Winning flavors that have since been developed.  Our Flavored Vodkas are likely nothing like you have had before.  We only use whole ingredients to flavor our vodkas.  We do not add additional refined sugar (our Huckleberry has a touch of Montana Honey).  We do NOT use Extracts.  We do NOT use artificial colors or ingredients.  The flavors are pleasant and as true as they can be.  Once you try them you may never go back to your big named brand again.  Enjoy any of our 10+ varieties.  No more having to cover up the vodka tastes with drinks, ours becomes part of the drink.  Speaking of which, if you click on the Menu page you might get an idea of how to best serve your Favorite Montana Distillery Vodka.  Read about our new GIN below; and,  Whiskey and other great Real Flavors coming soon.

"In the days of Old Missoula our Distillery was a combination of 3 Saloons located in the original corner of town.  The International Farmers Market, Train Depot and many Brothels and Saloons were located in our block.  As we team up with other local businesses to revitalize this once bustling part of Missoula we also pay tribute to the time with our Montana Distillery Gin.  When doves, pigeons or whatever flew into the saloons they started clean,  when they flew out to the streets they would be dirty or "soiled" from the saloon smoke (fire places, tobacco smoke etc.) and were referred to as "Soiled" or "Fallen" Doves.  When Prostitution was made illegal the "working girls" were now forced out to the streets where they were often referred to as a "Soiled" or "Fallen" Dove".  

This Gin is truly unique, but in a familiar way.  Smooth, versatile it is fantastic straight or mixed.  Our Gin  "Elevates" the flavors you mix it with.  We use Juniper, Corriander,  Lavander, Rosemary, Lemon and Lime Peel to make this gin that has already turned 'haters' into"lovers" and converts  out of the most particular gin drinker.  

Sooooo.......The name change.  This is a story about two innovative distilleries that had a great idea at the same time and then life took over.  As it turned out our friends at Durango Spirits in Colorado noticed that they hadn't trademarked their name before we did.  We are actually glad for them and we really like the new name because we are finding that most people don't know what a "soiled Dove" is and that "Fallen Dove" in our case is a much more appealing name for those learning ag about this part of our American History. You will see our Soiled Dove Name for a few more months as we use up our labels.  Are they a collectors the right person sure; but for now just enjoy our Double Gold Winning Gin.

Making Better Premium Products 

This is our Woody St Premium Vodka.  84 Proof. This signature spirit from The Montana Distillery is our NEW and Improved Premium Vodka.  Unlike any vodka you have had before this one is made from Montana and Idaho Sugar Beets.  Taste starts with a pleasant sweetness on the inside of your lips, then rolls smoothly across your palate opening up warmly with a subtle vanilla and floral presence, and finishing smooth and warm without bitterness or medicinal harshness found in some vodkas.  Excellent by itself or mixed.

We use only Real Locally Manufactured Hand-Cooked Bacon to flavor this 84 proof bacon lovers dream.  By itself this vodka hits your lips with a salty element to start.  As the smoothness of the vodka rolls over your tongue, and right when you are thinking "where's the bacon" IT HITS and stays.  We have heard many acronyms having to do with "Awesome", and have seen a lot of people try to clean the imaginary bacon from their teeth. YES, its that good.  Great in Bloody Mary's and Caesars.  See our menu for other drink ideas.  No Added Sugar, No Extracts and Nothing Artificial.

The Raspberries taste like Raspberries.  We use only real high quality raspberries to flavor this spirits.  The raspberries combine so well in this vodka that you may have a "mind officially blown away" moment.  See our Menu page for drink ideas, but it tastes great alone or mixed.  We do NOT add any sugar.  We do NOT use any extracts or essences, and we do NOT use anything artificial.

The pureness of high-grade Madagascar vanilla beans bring a delicate and real sweetness to this 84 proof spirit.  The aroma and flavor is of real-whole vanilla not extracts or essences, bringing the vodka to life as well as any drink you put it in. We do NOT add sugar.  We do NOT use any extracts or artificial anything.  

 We only use our hand-roast our hot chili blend and then re-introduce the seeds separately to give you the perfect flavor and heat profile.  Spicy and Flavorful Yes, but not overpowering.  Goes great in many drinks (see our menu) and especially well with our home-made  Bloody Mary and Caesar mixes.  Other pepper vodkas do not even come close to what we are doing.  NO added sugar, NO extracts, and nothing artificial.  

The 2017 San Fransisco World Spirits Competition results are in for Soiled Dove (soon to be Fallen Dove Gin) from The Montana Distillery. Our Soiled/Fallen Dove Gin was awarded the San Fransisco World Spirits Competitions’ highest accolades with a DOUBLE GOLD medal. The Double Gold designation is awarded to the very few entries that receive Gold medal ratings by all members of their diverse judging panel. They consider this award to represent the finest products in the world.