New Gin Soiled Dove Changes the World of Gin.. and due to an oversite will get a new name: Stay Tuned  

Straight from the old west of Montana Soiled Dove Gin takes simple common botanicals and blends them into a game-changing spirit.  

Back in the old West saloons the occasional dove or pigeon would fly into the bar and because of the saloon smoke these birds would get dirty or "soiled".  When you saw a 'soiled' dove you would guess they came from the saloons.  When prostitution was made illegal the once saloon prevalent working women were forced onto the streets where they were coined "soiled doves"   

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Simple, elegant, smooth, and balanced with jus the right amount of Juniper forward tones.   Straight, in tonic, or mixed these botanicals POP whatever you are drinking and make it GREAT.